Is it Really Winter? And What Are these Plants Doing?

December 18, 2023

It is now the 3rd week in December and for the most part the grass is still green, and some of the shrubs and the underbrush still have not lost all of their leaves. There has been only one light snow event, and the coldest overnight low so far was in the low twenties. Many perennial plants still have some green leaves, and I have seen some...

Deciduous Conifers

December 11, 2023

People often ask, “What are the trees in Colonials courtyard?” Well, it’s a curiously beautiful type of tree called the Debonair pond cypress (Taxodium ascendens “Morris”) This particular tree, under proper growing conditions will reach roughly 60’ tall and have a spread of 20’. This tree is part of a genera of plants known as deciduous...

Christmas with Living Trees

December 6, 2023

You love the smell of fresh evergreen, but you're still struggling with the idea of what to do with that cut tree once the holidays are over? We get it... What if you could plant your tree afterwards? You can! And here is how: Start a New Family Tradition Purchasing live trees that you and your family can plant brings a new element...