The Country's Most Unique Garden Experience
From the veggies on your plate in Cultivate Cafe to the trees you'll be planting at your home - 
We grow them so you know you are getting the very best.

Let's Get Growing

Visit Our Greenhouse, Nursery and Farm


Inside & Out

Whether you are looking to bring nature inside with a selection of potted plants or you are ready to bring annual color or veggies to your yard, our greenhouse staff is here to support you. 

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Biggest Tree Selection

Grown at our farms across 8 states, we control every step of the process to ensure the tree you plant will thrive. 

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A Farm to Visit

Our diverse regenerative farm offers a unique experience to visit while growing a wide variety of vegetables and fruits for the market, restaurant, and farm share.

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More than Meets the Eye

From our Farm to Your Fork - And a Party Too

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Plan Your Party

Graduations, weddings, showers, even celebrations of life - are all made better when you set it in a lush green space. Or Join us for any of our festivals, concerts, or....

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Cafe & Market

Our Farmer & Chef work together to bring you a menu that features the freshest ingredients grown on site. You can stock your own kitchen with great food from our market. 

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What's In Season? 

Follow the blog to Learn & Grow with our expert advice...

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Experience Colonial Gardens

Pick apples with the kids. Live music in the courtyard. Become a gardening pro. Here, you and your family can bloom.