Clever Composting

March 27, 2023

Composting kitchen and yard waste is beneficial to the environment and it also supplies our gardens with nutrient rich organic matter that is essential to plant health. Starting a compost pile is easy to do and doesn't require a significant investment. By following a few simple guidelines, you can turn your kitchen and yard waste into an...

Fruit Trees: Planting & Maintenance

March 20, 2023

There is a wide variety of fruit trees that can be grown in the Kansas City area. Cherries, plums, peaches, apples, pears, nectarines, along with our native Pawpaw, Quince, and Serviceberry can provide a bountiful harvest throughout the seasons. We will discuss the site requirements and the planting process for fruit trees. 

Spring Lawn Care

March 17, 2023

Few things in life satisfy like a wide expanse of a lush green lawn, freshly clipped and glistening in the sun. The smell of the cut grass in the air and that soft feeling under bare feet is hard to beat. Colonial Gardens can help you get the results you want in just four simple steps with our top-quality seed blends and unique lawn care program!...

Breaking Spring Fever

March 17, 2023

March in Missouri; pockets of bright, sunny days begin to burst forth, making us ecstatic for spring. People question, how early to plant their blooming flowers and foliage plants outside, and what plants can take near-freezing temperatures? Here are some recommendations for cool season annuals that will transition your home and garden into a...

Shady Characters - Edible P

March 14, 2023

For many gardeners, the shade from trees and buildings are a challenge. Shade is especially challenging when you’re trying to grow edible plants. Most vegetable plants require six to ten hours of sunlight a day for maximum production. When the amount of sun is less than four hours a day many plants struggle. There are some plants that will be...

How to Save the World with Garden Containers for Pollinators

June 13, 2022

Earth as we know it would only survive without pollinators for about four years. It’s true! Our food chain completely hinges on bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other beneficial insects. These vital little wonders carry pollen from plant to plant, ensuring proper germination and fruit development not only for the foods we humans consume,...

Healthy Soil, Healthy Life

June 9, 2022

Soil is life. You’ve heard us say it. You’ve seen it on our t-shirts. But, is it really something we believe in and practice? YES! At Colonial Gardens, we 100% back the notion that healthy soil is the root of all things living. Soil itself is even a living thing. The produce you see in the Colonial Farms Market, the starter plants growing in the...

Garden Pest Control

June 2, 2022

You work hard to create and maintain a garden, but pests can quickly wreak havoc on your produce. Being aware of the signs, effects, and treatments can help quickly save your plants and avoid pest problems in the future. Most insect issues are cyclical and happen at very similar times each year. Being aware of certain issues that your plants may...

What is Regenerative Agriculture & Why does Colonial Gardens practice it?

June 1, 2022

Here at Colonial Gardens our mission is to create a healthy planet by connecting mind, body and spirit to healthy plants and soil. The way we bring that mission to life is by practicing a growing method known as regenerative agriculture.   Regenerative agriculture is a farming method that aims at improving the earth by partnering with the...

Cardinals 101

January 6, 2022

Cardinals are an iconic and easily recognizable bird in the eastern half of the United States. Their bright red vibrant plumage and beautiful songs that make them an attractive addition and perhaps the most desired of all backyard-visiting birds. Northern Cardinals are non-migratory birds, meaning that when you begin to provide them with...