Supporting Local Businesses


At Colonial, it is our mission to bring things full circle and support the farmers who help make our Earth a better place. Each vendor is working towards restoring the soil to its vibrant state with the help of regenerative and sustainable agriculture practices. In turn, producing a more nutritious, robust, and exceptional ingredients. The staff at Colonial Kitchen works diligently with our vendors to prepare you a meal made with the highest quality produce, meats, cheeses, herbs, and grains. You’ll notice our menu changes frequently as we work to use the freshest and most recently harvested produce.



Meet the Chef — Daniel Walker


Chef Daniel Walker found inspiration early in his grandmother's kitchen and garden. Starting here in Kansas City, Walker followed his passion and began working for Chef Lidia Bastianich, working up the ranks of her culinary empire. 

Daniel eventually moved to New York and has also spent time as one of Bastianich's Executive Chefs in Boston and Pittsburgh. He has now brought his talents to Colonial Gardens as our Chef and Market Manager

Experience Something New

We’re not just serving you a meal, we’re creating an experience.