Christmas with Living Trees

Dec 06, 2023

You love the smell of fresh evergreen, but you're still struggling with the idea of what to do with that cut tree once the holidays are over? We get it...
What if you could plant your tree afterwards? You can! And here is how:
Start a New Family Tradition
Purchasing live trees that you and your family can plant brings a new element of tradition to the winter season. 
Enjoy the fragrance and beauty of a live Christmas tree indoors and plant to benefit your planet and let it become part of your landscape to enjoy for years to come. 
Trees & Shrubs to Use
Spruces have a symmetrical shape and stout branches that are perfect for holding ornaments. These are a true classic. 
Other options are Pine, Holly and Cedar. If you are looking for something smaller, you can go with a Green Mountain Boxwood. 
Bringing the Tree into the House
A tree can be kept inside of the house for 10 days - maybe up to 2 weeks depending on the temperature of the house. When you bring the tree in, place it away from drafts, vents, space heaters and fireplaces (true of cut trees too). 
Place a saucer underneath the trees container to catch any dirt or excess moisture that may leak from the bottom. Make sure to keep the soil moist while the tree is inside. A simple way to water is to place ice cubes in the container to slowly melt into the soil. 
Planting Your Tree
Plant your tree outside as soon as possible after Christmas. If the temperature is above freezing, you can take the tree right outside and plant it. If the temperature is below freezing, you can place the tree in a shed or unheated garage to allow it to acclimate to the colder temperatures. 
What About Next Year? 
Whether this is a one time choice or a new tradition, you can enjoy the tree as a holiday tree for years to come by pointing holiday casting lights at it and decorating it with natural ornaments. We suggest cranberry and popcorn strands, dried oranges, or a fun activity with kids: peanut butter and birdseed ornaments. 


Written By "Botanical Brian" Pirtle and Grace Ames