Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree

Nov 29, 2021

Similar to most products in 2020, Christmas trees have been in short supply. Colonial Gardens is proud to offer the Kansas City area beautiful, Frasier Fir cut trees for their homes this holiday season. This crop of Frasier Fir trees come from our friends at Northern Family Farms in Wisconsin. Not only are Christmas trees stunning to look at, but they also smell like the scents of the holidays we all wish for our home.

When you visit Colonial Gardens, you will notice our Christmas trees are hung from the rafters in the nursery. This is a little different than other stores that sell Christmas trees. Instead of leaving them net wrapped and laid up against one another, our nursery staff takes the time to hang each individual tree. This allows the branches to “fall” to their natural state and is easy for our customers to see the fullness and height of each tree, ensuring you pick the perfect tree for your home!

Live Christmas trees are a treasure. From picking out the perfect tree, to set-up, and decoration, there really is nothing like a fresh tree to place presents under and gather around Christmas morning. However, fresh trees are delicate and need proper care to ensure they last through the holiday season.

The Frasier Fir tree is a more hardy tree that will last well into Christmas morning. Here at Colonial, our nursery staff will help you from start to finish with your tree buying experience. From selecting the perfect tree, we will then shake the tree, net it, give it a fresh cut, and help load it onto your vehicle. Heck, even bring in your own tree stand or purchase one in our store and we’ll make sure your tree stands straight! Be sure to get your tree into water, HOT water, as soon as you get home! Hot water within half-hour to ensure you tree gets a good drink and doesn’t allow the sap plug to build up. Pick out a spot inside your home for your live Christmas tree. Try to stay away from heating vents or registers and the fireplace. Place your tree inside a tree stand with a saucer to avoid any damage to the floor and to help keep the tree level and upright. Just like any other plant you have inside the home, it will need to be watered, so check the water level often. Use any kind of decoration on your tree! Garland, ornaments, lights, or berries. Turn any bare spots away from front facing. Utilize sturdy branches for heavier ornaments and new or delicate branches for light items.

After the holidays are over, there are places such as James A. Reed or the Jackson County Parks and Rec to drop your live tree off. Bring your tree back to Colonial Gardens or other farms such as Sunset Trails for our goat friends to munch on!

We offer a variety of sizes starting at 6 feet. We would love to see photos of your Colonial Gardens Frasier Fir, share your photos.

Happy Holidays!