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Our tree farms grow millions of trees + shrubs a year. Now that’s selection.

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Whether you want to refine your outdoor living space, need a new shade or blooming tree, or add a privacy line, you’ll find it in our nursery. With a variety of Midwest hardy natives, evergreens, fruit trees, shade trees, ornamental, and plants of merit to cater to all of your landscape needs, you’re sure to find the right fit for your yard. We are passionate about plants and our environment and want to share that with our customers. Our selection of trees is one to beat! Colonial is fortunate to procure our inventory of trees and shrubs from our DCA Outdoor sister companies and other carefully selected vendors. From Dogwoods and Maples to Black Gum, Chokeberry, or Hydrangeas and evergreens, the possibilities of enhancing your home are endless.

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PlantRight Guarantee

PlantRight is Colonial’s unique system for just that, Planting Right. At Colonial, we believe Soil is Life. Providing unparalleled solutions in the world of living things, we can ensure homeowners guaranteed success of your outdoor or indoor space by utilizing our PlantRight System. Our passion for growth starts with healthy soil, which grows colorful plants, nourishing produce, and happy people. Together we can grow a sustainable planet for a sustainable future.

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At Colonial, we believe soil is life and are proud of the products we have to offer our customers. Being a brand of DCA Outdoor, we know who is growing our plants and where they’re coming from- our sister companies who also believe soil is life.