Low Light, Easy Care Plants

Oct 16, 2023

Plants make every room more appealing, but what if you don't have much natural light? All plants need sunlight, luckily for us there are some plants that prefer to thrive in more lowlight conditions. Here are some wonderful options to add to the low light areas of your home!

If you are searching for a plant that is tall with a lot of character- Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ plants), Sansevieria, Chinese Evergreen and the Cast Iron plant are iconic pieces that can bring life back to a dark area of your home.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ Plants) 

A very wonderful house plant because they barely need any light or water to survive! They have striking strong thick leaves that come in green or black that definitely add appeal and character to any area. They are slow growing, so if you have limited space these might appeal more to you.


Another classic show stopper. Very strong but elegant leaves, with intricate patterns make this a very easy plant to love and care for. Another reason why Sanseveria’s are an excellent choice is because they release oxygen at night, which has been proven to improve your sleep! Just like the ZZ Plant, let your Sansevieria dry between waterings.

Cast Iron Plants

Get their name from how hard they are to kill! These guys can handle lowlight with ease, which makes them very easy to care for. They also prefer to dry out between waterings!

Chinese Evergreens 

A wonderful choice because they come in a huge array of strong vibrant colors, which is harder to find in low light plants. They are an excellent way to add a pop of color into a dark room! Chinese evergreens prefer to dry out a little, but not nearly as much as the Sansevieria, Cast iron and the Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ plant.)

If you are instead looking for a hanging or vining plant, Pothos are for you!


Grow very fast even in lowlight conditions, there are many different colors and varieties to choose from, making them a staple in the plant community. Pothos are a wonderful dependable plant that will brighten any room.

All these plants listed are wonderful options to a low-lit area of your home or office, and all of them will benefit from an organic natural fertilizer from time to time depending on the plant. Come visit Colonial Gardens and we will help you pick out the perfect plant for you!

Written By Lauren Koeller