Landscaping: The Third Pillar

Sep 19, 2023

 Humanity's congregation with Creation is exemplified by the abundance of The Garden.
Grandma's tomatoes. Grandpa's pickles. Uncle Ray's apples.
Some of my fondest core memories are from the bounty of ancestorial gardens. 
Establishing this congregation with Creation and establishing those core memories is not the arduous task that some believe.
Yes, there is work involved. Yes, there is sweat. Yes, there are critters. 
'If something isn't munching on your plants you are not a part of the ecosystem' but, growing food in your patch of Creation can be as simple as a potted 'Grill Garden' or as monumental as a fully self-sufficient homestead.
Receiving nourishment from your soil is the point.
Tasting the literal fruits of your labor.
I have found within the suburban landscape that the introduction of columnar apple trees is perfect selection to begin for newbies. I specify the 'Urban Apple' tree. The Urban Apple tree is a stately structural variety with a tidy 2.5-3' max width which adapts well into the urban/suburban landscape.
Herb gardens are also a big hit for the uninitiated. Whether in a dedicated bed, blended into a 'wilder' landscape, or in a whimsical container, herbs bring edible nuance that draws humans outside. 
The prospects and possibilities are abundant Y'all!
Yours in The Garden, Chris


Written By Landscape Designer Chris Oursler