Landscaping: The Second Pillar

Aug 04, 2023

The creation of habitat in the landscape and garden speaks to the very core of the regenerative landscape ethic - and becomes pillar two. 
For decades, the landscapes of North America have been designed and maintained to discourage wildlife. Humans are awakening to the symbiosis that must be fostered between humans and Creation's critters. As we awaken, we must consider creating, or leaving, habitats for this life. 
Habitat establishment is a statement for ecological balance.
Simple Additions that Create Habitat
  • Establishment of a Pollinator Garden with some of the more common habitats and food sources for bees & butterflies. Even a few small additions to the landscape can foster habitat. 
    •  Milkweed
    • Purple Cone Flower
    • Goldenrod 
  • Fallen Logs
    • A wilder and more substantial material choice to invite our 'wild' friends  into our patch of Creation. Strategically placed logs and bio-mass retention edging can give shelter to our wild friends and promote mushroom growth.
  • Rain Gardens
    • Get a 'two-for' with the establishment of rain gardens. A naturalized solution to storm water management as well as a perfect habitat for pollinators. 
Yours in The Garden, Chris


Written By Landscape Designer Chris Oursler