Landscaping: The First Pillar

Jul 29, 2023

As promised, we are digging into the pillars of landscaping! At the foundation is your first pillar:
Living Soil!
The quality of a canvas is the critical first factor in building a composition. Like the artist's canvas , soil quality will determine the success and sustainability of a Landscape Creation.
Within the regenerative landscape principal, Living Soil is built to foster the life beneath the surface of Creation's canvas. Going sub-terranean Y'all!  We are talking microscopic. Mycorrhizae fungi, protozoa, bacteria...yes, bacteria. Life feeds on life, feeds on life. The food chain begins in this abundant microbial sub-terranean world. 
A rich and balanced soil composition is a beautiful blend of carbon (compost) and black, nutrient rich topsoil. Introducing soil microbes elevates the soil composition that much more. We are talking about feeding the roots of our plants. Building muscles. Promoting Life.
Re-generation of our soil increases the overall health of our local ecology and brings noticeable vigor to our landscape plantings.
I could go on and on about the vitality of Living Soil. Simply put, Soil is Life.
Yours in The Garden, Chris


Written By Landscape Designer Chris Oursler