Landscaping: The Fifth Pillar

Nov 27, 2023

If you live in Kansas City, you live in a city within a forest. Just look up slightly beyond the horizon...oh wait, can't see the horizon? Well, all those trees do obscure views!
We are a blessed gaggle of humans here in 'flyover country'.  We dwell in one of the densest urban forests in the U.S.
Promoting the diversity and the expansion of our forest is a central passion of mine.
At its basic benefit, our urban canopy cools us down. As trees mature, the more protection they provide humans and critters.  Humans know this instinctively. It's just cooler in the shade. 
For my suburban clients, the act of planting a shade tree is an act of selflessness. I rejoice in their desire to give shade and protection to future generations. I also geek out that they are planting homes for a diversity of critters.
My clients know that if they planted the largest tree available, it will take decades to reach maturity.
But, humans need shade now - dangit!
Enter the world of pergolas, umbrellas, sun sails, and lanais. 
The options for man-made shade are crazy in abundance. A well-designed outdoor space in an exposed suburban environment must incorporate an architectural shade element.
In short, shade enhances livability in our outdoor spaces. 
Yours in The Garden, Chris


Written By Landscape Designer Chris Oursler