Landscape Design

Jul 05, 2024

Your house is more than that, it's your home. The place where you go to relax, to escape the day to day, your sanctuary. Shouldn't your yard be an extension of that? 

Transforming your outdoor space from "just a lawn" to a truly beautiful garden oasis can be easy with a little help from the pros. Our expert designers are ready to help you boost curb appeal and create a serene and functional garden tailored to your needs and preferences. 


Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

If you are looking to sell your home in the future, landscaping will make your home look visually appealing and increase value. 

Environmentally Friendly Garden 

We love incorporating natives into landscapes to benefit the ecosystem around you by:

  • Reducing air pollution
  • Promoting wise water use & preventing erosion
  • Eliminating the need for fertilizers
  • Naturally promoting biodiversity
Save Time and Money

By hiring a landscape designer, we can provide options for a low maintenance garden. Our extensive knowledge of plants that thrive in our area will save you time and money from replacing plants. Let your garden look beautiful without breaking the bank. 

Enhance Your Quality of Life

Experience the joy of a functional outdoor space. Spending time in nature reduces stress, improves cognitive function, and boosts serotonin levels. 

Relax and Enjoy

New landscaping will encourage you to enjoy the outdoors more frequently. We do the hark work so you can relax outdoors and spend less time on lawn maintenance.  Turn your dreams into reality and contact us today to learn more about creating your perfect landscape. Remember, fall is a great time to have your garden installed.  It allows plants to settle in and establish roots before winter.  The design process takes 4-6 weeks from consultation to installation making now the perfect time to schedule your design consultation for a fall installation. 

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 Written By Brystal Jones, Landscape Design Intern


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