Growing Herbs 101

May 21, 2024

May isn't too late to get your herb garden started using starts. Having access to fresh herbs from you garden will take your cooking to the next level with bursts of flavor and nutrients. 

As with any plant: delicious an nutritious herbs start with healthy soil. When planting in your herbs, we recommend adding PlantRight Biolife 800 to your soil as you water in. This acts as a delivery system of micronutrients essential to plant health, keeping soil healthy and productive. 

We also recommend Espoma Plant Tone to keep the nutrient levels in balance for your plant's optimal growth. This fertilizer is a trusted organic brand, so you know you are getting the best. 

Choosing the perfect place to plant is also essential. Most herbs require full sunlight and plenty of drainage. While they will do great in the ground, we recommend planting them in pots or the PlantRight package. And lastly, harvesting regularly will keep your herbs growing vibrantly. You'll want to harvest from the tips, pinching or snipping just above a leaf branch. 

Enjoy many flavor meals and remember you can always join our classes to learn more secrets to growing successfully. 

 Written By "Botanical Brian" Pirtle