Pressing Fresh Flowers

Aug 30, 2023

In the 1500's Oshibana is “the art of pressing flowers in a way to create a whole picture that is meticulous and skilled”. Pressing flowers is a wonderful way to preserve your love of flowers, save memories and create natural projects in your home. Pressing flowers can symbolize longevity or eternal love. Saving your wedding bouquet or a special occasion is a fantastic way to save memories from an important life event.

Certain flowers press better than others. You can deconstruct some flowers, pressing each layer and then once dry rebuild the flower in layers recreating the dimension of that flower.

Consider when pressing flowers:

  • Identify the flower shape, and color to determine best way to press flower
  • Cut flower at base placing face down
  • Darker colors hold there colors better than lighter colors

Colonial Gardens U-Cut Flower Farm has the perfect type of flowers to press! You can enjoy the fresh flowers plus pressing the flowers for projects to create during the winter. Colonial Gardens has hands on classes to learn techniques on how to preserve flowers and take home your own wood flower press full of press flowers and workshops on designing press flowers in a glass frame.

Enjoy creating with flowers and I hope to see you in the field at Colonial Gardens U-Cut Flower Farm and in the hands-on workshops!

Written By Kristin Middleton