Fruit Trees: Planting & Maintenance

Mar 20, 2023

There is a wide variety of fruit trees that can be grown in the Kansas City area. Cherries, plums, peaches, apples, pears, nectarines, along with our native Pawpaw, Quince, and Serviceberry can provide a bountiful harvest throughout the seasons. We will discuss the site requirements and the planting process for fruit trees. 

 Site Requirements 

  • Most fruit trees require an open sunny area away from buildings and large trees which can result in root competition, excess shade, and reduced air circulation.  
  • Organic well drained soil is also important this can be accomplished through the addition of compost during the planting process. In clay soils a shallow elevated planting hole is necessary.  
  • It is important to plant your fruit trees near a water source.  

Planting Process 


  • shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • tape measure
  • knife
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • hose 


  • Plant Right compost
  • mulch
  • Plant Right Biolife 800 compost tea 

Planting procedure 

  • Measure the diameter of the root ball and add 20”. This will be the diameter of your planting hole. 
  • Measure the height of the root ball and multiply that number by 0.80 or %80. This will be the depth of the planting hole 
  • Remove all grass in a circle that is the width of the planting hole 
  • Remove the soil to the depth of the planting hole and the diameter of the planting hole. Place the soil beside the hole on a tarp or in a wheelbarrow.   
  • Use a knife to remove Plant Right Bag  
  • Gently place the tree in the planting hole making sure that it is straight and facing in the desired direction.  
  • Mix the original soil with Plantright Compost at a rate of 50% Compost and 50% original soil. 
  • Backfill the planting hole with the mixture of compost and soil tapering the mix up to the edge of the root ball. Do not put any soil on top of the root ball. 
  • Mulch with a wood mulch 
  • Mix the Biolife 800 at the rate of 1 part Biolife 800 and 2 parts water and add an equal amount water. Drench the root ball and planting hole with the mixture 


Watering fruit trees 

Newly planted trees 
  • Factors that affect watering frequency are - temperature, sun, wind, humidity 
  • We are going to use temperature as a guideline  
  • If the temperature is under 75 water 1 time per week  
  • if the temperature is between 75 and 90 water twice a week 
  • That sounds like a lot but that is why we always plant high to allow the tree to drain well 


Established trees 
  • Established trees require much less water than newly planted trees 
  • A deep watering every 2 to 3 weeks will keep your fruit trees healthy and productive 
  • Do not forget to water in the winter - once every 3-4 weeks  
 Written By "Botanical Brian" Pirtle