Spring Lawn Care

Mar 17, 2023

Few things in life satisfy like a wide expanse of a lush green lawn, freshly clipped and glistening in the sun. The smell of the cut grass in the air and that soft feeling under bare feet is hard to beat. Colonial Gardens can help you get the results you want in just four simple steps with our top-quality seed blends and unique lawn care program! March and April are the perfect time to spot seed and apply Step One fertilizer crabgrass control.

Spring Green without Harm

Colonial Gardens’ Step One stands apart from other lawn control programs because it contains zero phosphorus. Why? Because the soil in our area of Missouri and Kansas already has enough phosphorus, so there is no need to add it. In fact, phosphorus can pose problems, in excess. Phosphorus runoff is one of the prime reasons why our local ponds and lakes develop such a thick overgrowth of green algae. Overuse of phosphorus can even change the structure of flowers’, nectar, and pollen which negatively affect pollinators. Colonial Gardens lawn care system takes the bigger picture into account, eliminating the phosphorus while still giving you a gorgeous lawn.

A Nitro Boost

Nitrogen helps kickstart grass to start its growth cycle and green up. Wouldn’t you love for your lawn to be the first in the neighborhood to stand out? Give it a nitrogen boost and watch as it pushes every blade’s production of chlorophyll. More green top growth means your grass can grab more sunlight for photosynthesis. Your grass will make more food, and that good nutrition will strengthen your grass.

Deep Roots

Potash in fertilizer promotes healthy root growth. A healthy root system helps your grass survive during our harsh Midwest weather conditions. Drought, extreme heat and winter cold will happen, yet grass with deep healthy roots can not only survive but thrive.

Nip Crabgrass in the Bud

Step One is also all about crabgrass control. It contains a pre-emergent that contains no harsh chemicals, so it is completely kid and pet-friendly. The way it works is easy: it simply creates a barrier over your soil that keeps weed seeds from germinating. Left unattended, crabgrass will try to choke out your existing grass and take over in the summer heat.

Seed Matters

Fall is a far better time to establish a brand-new lawn, as weeds and water won’t be as much of a fight. Spring however is a great time to spot seed smaller problem areas. For this, Colonial Gardens offers top-quality seed mixes for both shade and sun. Our experts recommend fescue for best survival in the Midwest due to drought-tolerance.

With the right products and expert guidance, you can have a healthy lawn that is thick, lush, dark green, and weed-free. Stop by Colonial Gardens and let our experienced staff help you grow your best lawn.

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 Written By Lori Harris