Winter Plant Care Guide

Jan 05, 2022

Winter is quickly approaching, so while you start to pull out your winter coats and boots, make sure you take a second to think about your plants! Here are some winter plant care tips directly from our experts:

Greenhouse - Large Plants

Soil and Watering

  • Let soil get dry to the touch a couple inches down or so, then water well till water drains out the bottom of the pot. This helps leach out the salts from fertilizer.
  • Plants will most likely not be drying out as quickly in the winter months as they do the rest of the year because of the shorter daylength of winter.

Plant Placement

  • Be careful not to let your plant leaves touch any windows and perhaps even back them away from windows if it is really a drafty window. Also, keep your plants away from the direct hit of a heating vent.
  • Plants need to be turned a quarter turn every week, so they don’t grow towards window and plant starts to lean.

Reduce Fertilization

  • Fertilize less often and or at lower rates than in summer months.

Winter Bugs

  • Insects are likely to hatch in the consistent temps in the home, so watch closely for them or changes in the plant, foliage, or growth.  Bring in samples of issues for one of us experts to diagnose and find solution to the issue.

Plant Upkeep

  • Rinse/wipe foliage with wet slightly soapy cloth to keep leaves clean and help keep insects at bay
  • Keeping the leaves clean, not only keeps bugs at bay but increases the amount of light that gets to the leaf. Thus, the leaf can manufacture more food for the health of the plant. It’s like getting more light through a clean window than a dirty one.

Hear it Straight from our Experts