How to PlantRight

Sep 07, 2021

PlantRight is Colonial’s unique system for just that, Planting Right. At Colonial, we believe Soil is Life. Providing unparalleled solutions in the world of living things, we can ensure homeowners guaranteed success of your outdoor or indoor space by utilizing our PlantRight System. Our passion for growth starts with healthy soil, which grows colorful plants, nourishing produce, and happy people. Together we can grow a sustainable planet for a sustainable future. 

  1. Pick from a quality selection  
  • Colonial Gardens has KC’s largest selection of trees because our parent company, DCA Outdoor, grows over 1 million trees per year.  
  1. Correct Placement  
  • It’s important to place your tree or plant material in the correct area – follow the recommended light requirements, etc.
  1. Proper Planting 
  • Measure the diameter of the root ball and add 20”- 24”. This will be the diameter of your planting hole. 
  • Measure the height of the root ball and multiply that number by 0.70 or %70. This will be the depth of the planting hole.
  • This is specific for trees – if you have questions about proper planting in regards to other plant material, come in and our staff can help or give us a call!
  1. PlantRight Guarantee 
  • For every $200 spent on hardy plant material, the customer will need to purchase and use one bag of PlantRight Compost and 1 quart of Bio-Life 800+ to plant their plants successfully. 
  1. Proper Care 
  • We use temperature as a guideline: 
  • In the spring, summer, and fall if the temperature is under 65 degrees, water once time a week, over 75 degrees, water twice a week, over 85 degrees, water three times a week.
  • That sounds like a lot but that is why we planted high to allow the tree to drain well. Don’t forget to water in the winter, every 3-4 weeks and before hard freezes.
  • Fertilize trees with Espoma Holly Tone and an shot of Bio-Life 800+ in late spring and early fall.

For a full-length video on tree planting, watch the video below!