Creating an Outdoor Space

May 27, 2021

Gardening and landscaping is a fun, healthy, fulfilling hobby that benefits our communities and our world. Here are some tips on creating a beautiful landscape and outdoor space at your home.

Getting Started

The number one advice to new gardeners is to be creative and have fun! Use colors, styles, & plants that appeal to you. Incorporate garden art, structures, & seating areas to enhance the garden. Design an outdoor space to be enjoyed by the whole family. The more a garden reflects who you are and the things that you love, the more fun gardening becomes.

Find a garden center where you feel comfortable and inspired- like Colonial Gardens. Take notes while you explore their plants and landscape beds. Ask employees for landscape ideas and solutions. Inquire about classes, clubs, & other educational opportunities that are offered.

Join with others who enjoy landscaping and gardening. There are many gardening societies, clubs and social media groups that provide gardening information and inspiration. It is also an opportunity to view the styles of other gardeners.

Here are some tips on starting a new landscape bed.

  • Take measurements of the area you are designing.
  • Sketch bed shapes then pencil in the location of doors, windows, porches, walkways, fences, etc.
  • Assess the value and condition of existing plants or materials such as walkways, edging, and pavers.
  • Note the views & features that may need screening as well as any views or features worth retaining.
  • Make notes about sun & shade patterns, soil conditions, drainage, & wind exposure.
  • Consider how much time will be spent maintaining the bed and the capabilities of the person maintaining it.

Take these notes with you when you visit a local garden center. This will help you select the right size and type of plants for your circumstances. So, get out and express yourself through your garden.