2021 Annuals with Mike Deree

Feb 21, 2021

1) Calibracoa ‘Minifamous Neo Double Plumtastic’

Calibracoa ‘Minifamous Neo Double Plumtastic’ sports two tone purple complementary colored double flowers on a strong plant that will trail up to 10″ over the course of the season.

2) Calibracoa ‘Hula Gold Medal’

Calibracoa ‘Hula Gold Medal’ will trail to 10″ over the season, all the while showcasing large single flowers of deep gold surrounding a large deep orange band within the flower.

3) Petunia ‘Bee’s Knees’

Petunia ‘Bee’s Knees’ will easily win the hearts of petunia lovers everywhere. The most robust yellow petunia to date, ‘Bee’s Knees’ will delight with enough vigor to trails upwards of 16″ in the summer growing season, and offers the additional benefit of profuse flowers all summer.

4) Petunia ‘Midnight Gold’

Black flowering petunias are in vogue, and what better way to expand the interest in black petunias than petunia ‘Midnight Gold’. Combining a true black bloom laced with cream highlights in a double flower makes ‘Midnight Gold’ truly irresistible. Trails 8″ or so over the summer, and always plays nice with other plants in a combo.

5) Vinca ‘Nirvana Pink Splash’

Vinca loves it hot and dry, and ‘Nirvana Pink Splash’ is right on the mark for summer enjoyment. The bi-color bright pink and white flowers adorn this plant all summer, and the hotter the better, as this ‘Nirvana’ shines brightest in the dog days of summer. Trailing to 10″ over the summer, this variety is a winner.

6) Salvia ‘Roman Red’

Both a hummingbird magnet and a ‘wild child’, Salvia ‘Roman Red’ grows 30″+ , has a wingspan of 24″+, and displays a red flower with a dark red calyx. Love hummingbirds; love this plant also.

7) Coleus ‘Dragon Heart’

Three tones leaves of red, burgundy, and lime, coupled with an aggressive habit reaching 30″ tall and 30″ wide over the summer, adds ‘Dragon Heart’ to the ‘must have’ list of sun coleus to grow. The colors of ‘Dragon Heart’ mix and match well with so many other flowers, including lantana and ipomoea, creating endless possibilities for summer fun.

8) Catharanthus ‘Soiree Kawaii’

Related to vinca, the catharanthus ‘Soiree Kawaii’ series of eight colors will perform well above expectations. Young plants of the ‘Soiree Kawaii’ might seem to be fragile, though don’t let the dainty, elegant flowers fool you. This plant performs best in summer’s heat, and the habit of 10″ or so tall and 10″ round, displaying hundreds of small yet inviting flowers all summer will win your heart.

Information and photos provided by Mike Deree of Ball Horticultural Company

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Mike Deree Top 8 2021 Annuals