5 Ways to Use a Container

Jan 14, 2021

Let’s start planning your spring projects!

Here are some creative ways to incorporate large containers in your landscape or in your home!

1. Place a container directly into your landscape

Add large containers as a structural element to your landscape to create a focal point.

2. Add a structure to the container

Add a structure to your container such as an orb or an obelisk. Plant a vine to grow up the structure to add height and color.

3. Add shrubs or perennials

Plant small nursery plants and/or perennials and create a screen on your patio for privacy. Ask our experts for a list of the best plants to add!

4. Change your containers seasonally

Use the plants in the container and just add birch logs, evergreen cuttings or seasonal decorations to your container by the theme of season. Easter, Fourth of July, Fall and Christmas.

5. Think outside the box

Create a water feature in your container and group plants around the water feature. This could work indoors as well as outdoors.