Tinctures from Teeter Creek

Jan 08, 2021

Tinctures are concentrated herbal liquids that are believed to utilize natural health-boosting aspects of some plants. Tinctures are believed to have different benefits, like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, or antiviral properties.

Tinctures have been used throughout history as long-lasting, natural remedies. A tincture is a way of extracting and preserving the beneficial compounds found in plants. There are other mediums with which one can tincture, however, alcohol is the most common and best for the job. Soaking, or macerating, parts of a plant in alcohol allows for more beneficial compounds to be pulled from the plant. The alcohol preserves them for years (whereas a dried plant will lose potency after a couple of years), and alcohol also acts as a quick delivery to the body.

What plants are used in tinctures?

Common plants used to make tinctures include chamomile, garlic, ginger, ginseng, St. John’s wort, and many more. You can soak the berries, leaves, bark, or roots from one or more plants in alcohol.

How do I use a tincture?

To add these to your health and wellness regiment, you can take the tincture by the dropperful directly under the tongue, add to hot tea, or add to a glass of sparkling or flat water.

Tinctures in the Farms Market

Visit us today to learn more about tinctures from Teeter Creek Herbs. Since 1985, Teeter Creek Herbs has stood out in the field of herbal health products by providing herbal extracts that are of a consistent high quality, not by enhancing or extracting herbal ingredients, but by great attention to the details of growing, harvesting and processing the highest quality herbs at the peak of their potency. Most herbal manufacturers must import the majority of their herbs, with little knowledge of the care with which they were grown and harvested, or even if they were harvested at the right time. Many herbs available on the bulk market have been overdried, grown with pesticides or herbicides and/or sat too long in storage.

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