Watering 101

Jul 24, 2020

So, you spent all day at the garden center. You got some neat, amazing new plants. You spent your weekend planting and potting. But, if you’re like me, you’re not sure about watering. How much water does my plant need? When do I water? How often do I water? What are the best tools to water with? How can I remind myself to water? Worry no more, the Colonial Gardens experts are here to answer some of these questions and help your plants to look great all season long!

When to Water

Find a rhythm, make watering part of your everyday chores. Get the kids involved and put it on their chore list. Water either early in the morning or in the evening. Watering in the middle of the day allows the moisture to more quickly evaporate from the sun. 7am or 7pm is a good rule of thumb.

Not all plants need watered daily. Plants in flowerpots or containers likely need watered every day. Flowerbeds and trees can be every other day. Make sure you’re checking your plants daily and watering as needed. If it’s dry- water it.

Don’t depend on Mother Nature! The Midwest is notorious for hit or miss showers.

How to Water

When the plant is just about dry, give it a good soak. Get an even coverage when you’re watering. Water the entire soil platform, not just the stem (where the plant meets the soil), and water until you see water coming out of the bottom. Make sure your container has holes… yeah, I’m guilty of that! This ensures water is getting to the roots of the plant and that the entire soil is wet to keep your plant hydrated.

Where to Water

All living things need water! Water is essential, water is life. Water your lawn, your flowerbeds, your container plants, your houseplants, your trees, heck- you can even do a quick once over of your mulch to help settle any dryness!

Most plants don’t like to have their leaves watered. But some plants, such as tropicals, need a quick rise. This will help the plant stay healthy, but also get rid of pest such as spidermites. If you’re unsure, Colonial Garden plant enthusiast can help!

What to Water With

So what do I water with? A hose right? Colonial Gardens is proud to carry Dramm water line which includes hoses, watering cans, sprinklers, and wands. This product is sturdy and durable. Be sure you’re using a non-kink hose. For large flower beds or gardens, a revolving sprinkler is great! If you’re using a wand, be sure the water is a nice even flow. We recommend a “Shower” setting if you have a wand with different flow settings.

While you’re watering, you can take that time to clean up your flower beds or containers. Pull off spent blooms or pull out that pesty weed. Take the time to look at your plant to ensure it looks healthy. Maybe you see a lot of weeds and need to plan some time to weed or put Preen down. But most of all, enjoy their beauty!

Dramm water tools

Another important note when talking about water for plants is the importance of the type of soil you’re using when planting. Did you know that our region typically has a high Ph level in our water? Rockin’ Kev’s custom soil mix is formulated at a lower Ph level, balancing out when watering. Optimum Ph for growing is 6 to 6.4. This custom mix took over 2 years to create the perfect formula and we, here at Colonial, swear by it!

For more watering tips, check out our video, and be sure to follow us on social for more plant tips and tricks!