PlantRight Supply

Jun 23, 2020

PlantRight Supply provides unmatched solutions when it comes to landscaping. They produce a unique high-quality product line committed to servicing all landscape needs.

If you are looking for continued growth with a few easy steps, PlantRight Compost and PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ in conjunction with each other is the secret to a thriving landscape and here’s why:

PlantRight Compost, created by DCA, is a great first step in soil amendment. It is a compost rich in organic material and beneficial microbial life, that is screened for consistency and 99% weed free.

PlantRight Compost assists in soil aggregation while making nutrients more available for plant absorption.


Gardens………………..1” – 2” incorporated – Spring & Fall

Lawns……………………Top dress 1/8” – ¼” – Spring & Fall

Shrubs & Trees………Mulch: ½” – 1” – Spring & Fall

Shrubs & Trees………Planting: 2/3” Topsoil & 1/3” PlantRight Compost

Potting Soil……………2/3 Potting Mix & 1/3 PlantRight Compost

The second part of the PlantRight system is PlantRight Bio-Life 800+. This concentrated solution contains over 800 locally sourced beneficial bacteria, fungi and microorganisms typically found in healthy soils. Inoculating soils with Bio-Life800+ amended with PlantRight Compost creates a healthy soil environment which, in turn, allows plants to more efficiently uptake nutrients. Meaning, you’ll have a very robust root system, vigorous plant growth, and overall increased plant health.

When to use PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ and PlantRight Compost within your landscapes:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Restoration

PlantRight Supply works in landscapes with flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs and benefits include:

  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Stronger root system
  • Increased plant health and vigor
  • Better water retention

There are three easy ways to apply PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ to your desired landscape (make sure to shake bottle well before application as it is normal to see sediment at bottom of container):

  1. Ready to Use Hose Adapter Method- For this application, hook up garden hose to PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ container and apply to desired plants. Soak thoroughly until run off.
  2. Soil Drench Method- For this application, follow the label instructions and usage rate on container then apply two-part water to one-part PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ directly to root system slowly to ensure infiltration.
  3. Pump Sprayer Application- This application is best for larger properties and/or commercial use. Remove any filters and use a high flow nozzle. Spray directly at root system until run off. This application is beneficial for both new and established plants. PlantRight Bio-Life 800+ can be used on vegetable gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees and even turf.