Handpicked + Homegrown

Where picking seasonal produce is a favorite family tradition.

Pick your own farm produce

Fresh fruit is in the air.

Looking for a new favorite family activity? Spend the day strolling our orchard and bramble patches for fresh, seasonal fruits. Kansas City’s best u-pick experience is just right down the road, and our crop is ripe for the picking.

Fresh fruit, handpicked by you.

Take home plump and juicy u-pick produce. And yes, pumpkins are a fruit.


Pick a variety of berries in our bramble patch this summer.

Pumpkin Patch

Porch- and pie-worthy jack-o-lanterns, gorgeous gourds, and fall favorites.

The Orchards

Apples, peaches, and apricots for flavorful baking and juicy bites.

What’s in season?

Fresh Fruit
Handpicked + Homegrown
Family Fun

Let’s get growing.

Fresh Produce

Fruit, veggies, eggs, and more from our growers to you—in our market and café.


Farm-to-Table Recipes

With a focus on local and homegrown ingredients, our chefs share their favorite recipes.


Come ramble in the bramble.

From berries to pumpkins to apples, there’s something for everybody and every season. Visit the farm and enjoy our u-pick experience today.