What To Plant In Winter

Still Enjoy Plants Through Winter

What to Plant in Winter

Winter has arrived, and for those who have perennials planted it means they’ve gone dormant. Also, the spring and fall blooms have gone from the outdoors, but for indoors a whole new world is waiting to live. Now is the time to focus on Boxwoods, Pines, Spruces & Houseplants.

Plants for Winter

Winter Containers

Trees & Shrubs
Poinsettias & Seasonal Plants

House Plants & Herbs

Add fresh herbs to recipes all winter long and beat the winter blues by caring for a houseplant.



When cleaning out beds and preparing for winter, use a ground cover to help plants through the cold months.


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Even though the winter has turned cold, there’s still enough green to help inspiration of summer and warmer weather. Create an herb combo planter to sit in the kitchen window or a winter container to greet guest for holiday parties.