Landscaping Design

Kansas City Landscape Nursery

Rethink Your Outdoor Space.

Our job is to create your idea of an outdoor oasis. With landscape design and installation services, we do the work from start to finish so you can sit back and admire the view. 
When working with Colonial on your landscape project, our designers use Earth enhancing features and try to repurpose what you already have in your space. It is our mission to bring your outdoor space to life. We take the time to know our customers and create relationships- we want to know you! When you’re ready to take your landscaping to the next level, give us a call and let’s create.

Design Consultations

Our talented landscape designers and horticulturists create a tailored-for-you design based on your style, your property’s unique characteristics, and your needs. We offer consultations and projects for your lifestyle and budget.


Basic Consultations

Complimentary solutions and ideas based on photos, measurements, and needs.

Custom Consultations

On-site property assessment, one-on-one consultation, and comprehensive design plan.

Contactless Consultations

Email photos, measurements, and preferences, and we’ll create a tailored site plan.

Landscaping Services

Mulch, soil, and rock delivery

You pick it. We’ll haul it, deliver it, and apply it.
Kansas City Landscaping

Landscaping Installations

Whether it’s our design or yours, we love to do the heavy lifting (and digging).

Let’s Get Growing.


Rocks, mulch, firepits and more that elevate outdoor space.


Outdoor Living

Create the perfect outdoor entertainment space with patio furniture and decor.


Come Imagine Your Dream Yard.

Wader paths lined with trees of every height. Feel the texture of patio pavers and perennial shrubs. Experience our gardens and see what’s possible for your outdoor space.