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We source high-quality, rare, up and coming, Colonial-grown plants to fill our Greenhouse

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Plants for Every Season and Occasion.

From vibrant annual flowers to lush herbs and veggies….From leafy houseplants to prickly cactus…..our Kansas City greenhouse has something for all your spaces, inside and out. Walk inside our jaw-dropping greenhouse where you’ll be greeted by a vast array of colors, textures, and scents. For every occasion and season, we have the perfect plant. Whether you’re a houseplant enthusiast or beginner in the yard, our greenhouse staff is ready to help inspire and find the right plants for your home.

In the Greenhouse

Succulents & Cacti

Get your Hands Dirty at The Plant Bar

Let’s get Growing.

The Plant Bar

An interactive experience with our Greenhouse staff to repot, plant, or customize plants yourself. Get your hands dirty!


Classes & Workshops

Get your hands dirty with us. Classes, workshops, and how-to’s for the budding—and mature—garden expert.


Stroll our Paths.

Color your world green with succulents to soothe the stress. Plant seasonal favorites for a more vibrant view. See what’s blooming in the greenhouse.

Sage Advice

This is how you can keep your garden flourishing all season long.
Gardening Tips

2021 Annuals with Mike Deree

1) Calibracoa ‘Minifamous Neo Double Plumtastic’ Calibracoa ‘Minifamous Neo Double Plumtastic’ sports two tone purple complementary colored double flowers on a strong plant that will trail up to 10″ over the course of the season. …

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colonial Gardens
Gardening Tips

Building a Raised Bed

Raised garden beds are an excellent way to organize your garden! They help keep your bed weed free and can keep predators, such as rabbits, out of your garden. They also allow for much easier …

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Gardening Tips

Fall Maintenance

Fall is the season when we wrap up summer and prepare for winter both inside and outside the home. Cleanup is something that should be added to every homeowner’s list. It’s a simple task that …

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