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Jan 14 2022


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Farm to Table Dinner Experience

Join us for a Farm to Table Dinner Experience as we celebrate the freshly grown and harvested produce by the Farms at Colonial Gardens.

Our expert Chef, Chris Hall, has created the menu completely around what is available locally and in season. He and his team select the pairings of different wines and beers from vendors around the region, as well as cocktails created by our team with products from our favorite vendors. The vineyards we choose all believe deeply in wine being made in the field rather than in the barrel. This same principle applies to our food. Soil first, and everything else follows.

You will hear from resident food experts Chris Hall and Grace Ames as well as a guest speaker at each of these dinners.

Bring your friends for a relaxing evening as you learn more about how sustainability makes an impact on flavor.

Tickets are $99 with gratuity included.

February Menu *will change month to month*

First course

Riverwatch beef bone marrow and bison tare tare

 pickled vegetables, mustard sabayon

Lieu dit- melon 2019

Second course

kale & quinoa tabouleh

pecans, preserved lemon & tomato jam

Spring Seed- “Forget me not” sauvignon blanc/Semillon blend 2001

Third course

fresh mushroom & turmeric risotto

Presqu’ile vineyards-pinot noir 2019


pond & pasture

Rockbridge trout Veronique and colonial pork belly

black garlic spinach & turnip mash

Neal family vineyards-cabernet sauvignon


orange & chocolate parfait, cardamom sponge cake

Stolpman vineyards- “Love you bunches” orange wine 2021

Sold out!

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