Local Nursery In Blue Springs

Not Your Traditional Garden Center

 An Experience to Inspire

We’re more than your community greenhouse and local nursery in Blue Springs– we’re a blooming combination of garden center and agritourism destination. We’re growers, planters, animal enthusiasts and creators. At our core, we believe soil is life.


On-site production for locally grown flowers.


Supplying all levels of gardeners and planters.


Knowledge is power, get involved and start making a change.

Community Involvement

A local nursery in Blue Springs, we are giving back.

Cultivating Our Passion

For 50 years, we’ve grown with our community and found new ways to share our knowledge and provide real experiences.

Our Experiences

Learn where food comes from and how plants, animals, and the soil all play a role on our Earth.

Visit Us

It is our passion and mission to inspire others and share our philosophy. Protecting and rebuilding our environment is crucial to our well being and future to come. So, come with us on our journey and make a change.