2021 Annuals with Mike Deree

February 21, 2021

1) Calibracoa 'Minifamous Neo Double Plumtastic' Calibracoa 'Minifamous Neo Double Plumtastic' sports two tone purple complementary colored double flowers on a strong plant that will trail up to 10" over the course of the season. 2) Calibracoa 'Hula Gold Medal' Calibracoa 'Hula Gold Medal' will trail to 10" over the season, all the while showcasing large single flowers of deep gold surrounding a large deep orange band within the flower. 3) Petunia 'Bee's Knees' Petunia 'Bee's Knees' will easily win the hearts of petunia lovers everywhere. The most robust yellow petunia to date, 'Bee's Knees' will delight with enough vigor…

Wintering Berries

February 5, 2021

Putting Brambles to Bed During the harsh Midwest winter months, it's important that just as we cover perennials or garden vegetables, we protect our berry plants. The crew at Colonial Farms is diligent about selecting the opportune time to get the berry plants in our bramble patch covered. The berries at Colonial were bred in Clarksville, Arkansas where it only gets below 10 degrees one night every few years. In the Kansas City area, it gets much colder even though they were bred 4 hours south of Blue Springs. If it gets below 10 degrees, the risk of freezing your…