5 Ways to Use a Container

January 14, 2021

Let's start planning your spring projects! Here are some creative ways to incorporate large containers in your landscape or in your home! 1. Place a container directly into your landscape Add large containers as a structural element to your landscape to create a focal point. 2. Add a structure to the container Add a structure to your container such as an orb or an obelisk. Plant a vine to grow up the structure to add height and color. 3. Add shrubs or perennials Plant small nursery plants and/or perennials and create a screen on your patio for privacy. Ask our…

Native Plants for Birds

January 11, 2021

Native plants are plants that originally occur within a region as the result of natural processes rather than human introduction. Usually, native species are considered to have existed before the time of wide-spread European settlement a little more than 200 years ago. The United States has lost over 150 million acres of native land over the past 100 years due to urban sprawl. Just think about how this has affected our wildlife. Shocking fact, but there are things you can do to help! How Natives Affect Us Reducing air pollutionControlling erosionManaging storm waterCombating climate change by storing carbon dioxide Creating…

Tinctures from Teeter Creek

January 8, 2021

[video width="100%" height="100%" mp4="" poster="" autoplay="yes" loop="yes"][/video] Tinctures are concentrated herbal liquids that are believed to utilize natural health-boosting aspects of some plants. Tinctures are believed to have different benefits, like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, or antiviral properties. Tinctures have been used throughout history as long-lasting, natural remedies. A tincture is a way of extracting and preserving the beneficial compounds found in plants. There are other mediums with which one can tincture, however, alcohol is the most common and best for the job. Soaking, or macerating, parts of a plant in alcohol allows for more beneficial compounds to be pulled from the…